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Epigenetics Analysis

Including your secure genomics test kit, comprehensive analysis, and live video reading

Receive your Genetic Blueprint for:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Detox Pathways
  • Hormones
  • Exercise

Learn how to optimize your life by working smarter, not harder!

What People Are Saying:

“I have my life back. Chronic fatigue is gone. Pain is gone. My body was mimicking Autoimmune Diseases because (it was) so out of whack. When you go from feeling like sleeping all day, exhausted, random pain...to energy, clear headedness again...how do you not say it's a miracle! It's life-changing emotionally.”

Christina L.

“I went from constantly dieting and going to the gym every single day to eating more relaxed and having rest days and I've gotten the BEST results in years! My muscle mass has gone up and all my inflammation is gone. My body is literally tightening up and it's the easiest approach I've ever had.”

Wendy M.

“I can't even begin to tell you how different I feel in just a few days. What a shift! This test has given me my life back. My daily routine has been so simplified! I was spending loads of money on all sorts of tonics, powders and potions that either my body does not need, or in some cases, were acting like poison to me. Finding out exactly what my body needs and what it doesn’t simplifies everything. Never again will I get lost down a pricey wellness rabbit hole, wondering and hoping if this or that product will be the thing that helps me feel my best— now I KNOW!”

Amy B.

“I feel like a different person!! I can eat a lot more food than I thought, and now I don’t have to do keto for the rest of my life! A lot of things make sense right now about how I’ve been feeling, especially after eating certain things. By making small changes every day, I can actually do this! This is a really great investment, totally worth it!!”

Lupita G.