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Wellness for Elevation of your Mind+Body+Soul.

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The study of how your lifestyle affects your unique genetic expression, down to a cellular level. Learn about your individual genetic blueprint to optimize your wellbeing.

Holistic Nutrition

Learn how to use nutrition to heal your body from the inside out... but keep it fun and fulfilling!


Open yourself up to a new world of possibilities using powerful mindset tools including NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, and Kundalini yoga and meditation.

Welcome to High-Frequency Living.


I help high-potential people surpass their goals by learning how to streamline their wellness efforts into what actually works.

When you feel your best and you're clear on what you want, there's no stopping you.


It's time to work smarter, not harder!


Working through physical and mental blocks allows you to tap into your true potential, show up brighter, and feel more focused than ever.

Learn what it feels like to truly have the energy and clarity to exceed your own expectations.

Ready to change your Wellness Story?

Discover how to unlock your power and potential by learning how to optimize your energy with a practical, customized approach.

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